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How long does it take from Ilha Grande to Paraty?

Now you can get from Paraty to Ilha Grande (or back) in 1h30min with our exclusives and privates transfers !

No more waiting for pick ups and no more traffic jams, you depart from Abraão Beach or the main pier in Paraty at our scheduled times. Check out our availability, find the date you want in our schedule of Transfers and Book it!

Reasons to book with us:


  • Executive transfer;

  • Private for groups, families and couples;

  • 1h30min between I. Grande Paraty;

  • Save your time, no traffic, no rush;

  • Enjoy your transfer with an amazing ride;

  • Best cost-benefit and confort;

  • Friendly and prepared team;

  • The best way for you travel;

  • Safety Boats, super fast boats;

  • Amazing views.

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